Fulton City School District: District Branding

  • This page introduces a brief set of standards to help guide in the district in its visual messaging, including logos, typefaces and colors. For additional information, please consult the district. Note that this page is subject to additions and change, especially as the district completes its new rebranding process.

Why is branding important?

  • brand is the collective identity of an organization and often includes a heavy element of visual conformity and common graphic elements. Maintaining effective branding helps the district to maintain consistent communication and visual distinction for students, staff, alumni and the community at large. At its core, it helps to build recognition and works to establish identity, inspiration and school pride.

District Logo

  • Fulton City School District is represented with its logo below, detailing a red dragon protecting a stylized letter F. The logos colors and scale should never be altered. If increasing the size of the logo, it is important to not stretch the logo or otherwise distort it. High resolution files of the logo and/or different versions are available below. Please consult our style guide to stay true to branding. For special printing projects, please contact the Public Relations team for appropriate large-format files or special projects involving the logo.

    Which file format do I need?

    • JPG: JPG files are most commonly used in print and web formats and include solid white backgrounds. Quality will degrade if the image is enlarged or used for high-quality prints.
    • PNG: PNG files include transparent backgrounds and are often helpful in a variety of applications. Quality will degrade if the image is enlarged or used for high-quality prints.
    • Vector/EPS: EPS are high-resolution files best used for high-quality production. Quality will be maintained when increased or decreased in scale.

FCSD Styleguide

District Colors

  • FCSD Colors - Red and Green with Codes

District Fonts

  • Fulton Dragon