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Fulton students blown away by possible careers in meteorology

Seventh-grade students at Fulton’s Junior High School were recently visited by Meteorologist Carson Metcalf of the NewsChannel 9 Storm Team, resulting in an exciting project that helped open students to the possibility of a career in meteorology.

Metcalf – a Fulton native – has visited several FCSD schools since accepting his position on the NewsChannel 9 team. In February, he dropped in on the Junior High to speak to seventh-graders about the many opportunities within the field of meteorology. Metcalf discussed his own education and career path alongside the fascinating science of weather study and prediction.

After his visit, students began to put Metcalf’s lessons into practice by beginning an engaging science project that asked them to research, predict and present the weather forecast for a chosen US city. Students employed weather maps and newly-learned vocabulary to create a professional report on upcoming weather.

“I am really proud of how our students approached this project,” said Katrina Seib, one of the seventh-grade science teachers that facilitated the project. “They reflected on Carson Metcalf’s visit and were able to use what they learned about weather in class to produce creative and informative weather forecasts.”

Seib added that students expressed both interest in the field of meteorology and appreciation for the amount of work that goes into predicting and presenting the weather every day.