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FCSD Officially Unveils New Red Dragon Logo

Fulton City School District recently unveiled its new logo and mascot, finalizing the district’s new identity as the “Fulton Red Dragons.”

At a board of education meeting on February 13, district officials unveiled the new logo, a heavily updated version of a draft previously seen. The design depicts a fearsome red dragon gripping and protecting the traditional Fulton “F” and was created by a team of students at G. Ray Bodley High School alongside a professional graphic designer. All were guided based on criteria established by a district-wide logo advisory committee in the spring of last year. At its core, the new design was asked to reflect district values of respect, grit, kindness, integrity, strength, perseverance and focus while emphasizing student participation.

“This endeavor has been a testament to the dedication and collaborative spirit of our entire community,” said District Superintendent Brian Pulvino. “Our new mascot and logo embody our values and aspirations as a district. I am incredibly proud of the work that has gone into this effort and I am confident that our new logo is the start of great things for Fulton schools.”

The district’s change of mascot was prompted by a New York State mandate in the fall of 2022. Since then, a variety of committees, community and school surveys and student artists have been actively crafting the district’s new name and visual identity. The final logo was shared with students via video this week, but a number of upcoming events and activities related to the Red Dragon mascot are planned. Both students and district staff hope that the new design will respect the district’s well-rooted traditions while establishing a new era of school pride.

As the district transitions to the new imagery, a public branding page will soon be available for organizations and private vendors on the district website.