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Fulton Savings Bank Offers GRB Students a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Cybersecurity

Fulton senior Jacob Atwater and junior Aiden LaBeef recently got a practical, firsthand look at cybersecurity thanks to a job-shadowing opportunity with Fulton Savings Bank. The experience was part of G. Ray Bodley’s Early College High School program which offers students a number of opportunities for hands-on career exploration.

The Early College High School Information Technology program is currently entering its sixth year at Fulton high school and gives nearly 100 students the ability to earn almost 40 college credits before graduation. Students in grades 9 through 12 are challenged with college-level classes through a robust partnership with Cayuga Community College which gives dozens of unique experiences and job shadowing opportunities. A sister program gives GRB students similar prospects in the health sciences.

For two days, Atwater and LaBeef had the opportunity to work with Rob Browning, the information technology manager at Fulton Savings Bank. Browning worked with the students to show them the field of cybersecurity from the perspective of a financial institution.

“You get some opportunities to see how people work and their overall day-to-day,” Said LaBeef. “There’s a lot to learn.”

Atwater praised the Early College program. “You’re earning free credits in high school, so it gives us a jumpstart for college,” he said. “We’re getting an early experience on what college is really like, so we’re more prepared when we finally get there.”

This summer marks the first time Fulton Savings Bank has partnered with the Early College program but both the bank and the school look forward to additional opportunities in years to come.

“This is an invaluable experience for these guys,” said Sean Broderick, the ECHS coordinator. “And it really shows Fulton Savings Bank’s commitment to our community and our kids.”