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Fulton Elementary Students Test Literary Knowledge in Battle of the Books

Fulton students in grades three through six recently contended in the annual Battle of the Books, testing their knowledge on a series of novels in a competition that involved all four of the districts’ elementary schools.

Battle of the Books is a regional program which serves as a collaboration between Oswego County’s CiTi BOCES and OCM BOCES. Each year, school librarians select a total of eight books for each age group and craft a number of trivia-like questions based on their content. At each participating school, students compete in teams of two to four, with finalists moving on to compete at the district level.

For weeks, students competed within their buildings to establish clear winners in the third through fourth and fifth through sixth-grade age brackets. On Tuesday, April 11, students from all four buildings met together in the GRB auditorium to establish the district’s top contenders.

In the third and fourth-grade round, participating teams included Fairgrieve’s Reading Stars and Next Chapters, Granby’s Warriors and Girls Rule the World, Lanigan’s Page Turners and Rocket Readers, and Volney’s Mustangs and Sunshines. After an impressive competition, a tie prompted a sudden death elimination between Fairgrieve’s Reading Stars and Volney’s Sunshines, ultimately leading to a Reading Star victory. The team included students Lauren Cowden, Leah Guernsey, April Knoop and Riley Tussey.

Granby’s Warriors and Lanigan’s Page Turners tied for third place, allowing all four schools to be represented in the top four teams.

In the fifth and sixth-grade round, participating teams included Fairgrieve’s Rebounding Readers and Boogeyman Battlers, Granby’s Lady Readers and Jamers, Lanigan’s Royal Readers Rethroned and Rizzly Readers, and Volney’s Crazy Pickle People and Book Bandits. Lanigan’s Royal Readers Rethroned took the win thanks to team members Henry Becker, Josie Galini and Vaughn Strong. The Crazy Pickle People took second place while the Rizzly Readers took third.

The Reading Stars and Royal Readers Rethroned will now move on to compete regionally against other school districts in May.