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Fulton Junior High Shows Musical Talent at Holiday Concerts

Fulton Junior High Shows Musical Talent at Holiday Concerts

On Dec. 5 and Dec. 12, Fulton Junior High School held a pair of concerts to celebrate the holiday season. Hosted at the G. Ray Bodley High School auditorium, the first concert featured the district’s eighth-grade musicians while the second featured seventh grade.

The first concert began with the school’s eighth-grade orchestra, directed by Ms. Kelly Evans. Students played “Brandenburg Concert No. 2,” “Ode to Joy,” “North Pole Workshop” and “Holly Jolly Christmas.” Evans demonstrated unorthodox musical talent in “Workshop” by performing alongside students on a cordless power drill. The evening then turned over to Ms. Stephanie Almeter and the eighth-grade chorus. The chorus merrily performed “Domine Ad Adjuvandum,” “Winter’s Waking,” “Once Upon a December” and – donning festive Santa hats – “Boogie Woogie Santa Claus.” The evening concluded with the eighth-grade band under Ms. Carrie Foster performing “Entrance of the Tall Ships,” “Sleigh Ride,” “Into the Mist,” and “Furioso.”

The second concert progressed in much the same fashion, this time featuring the school’s 7th grade talent. Evans’s seventh-grade orchestra opened the evening, performing “First Scale March,” “5th Avenue Rock,” “North Pole March” and “Frosty the Snowman.” With more than 80 students, the school’s sizeable seventh-grade chorus then took to the stage, with Almeter returning to conduct them through “Figgy Pudding,” “A Field of White,” “A Holiday Road of Carols,” and “September.” Foster’s seventh-grade band closed the evening with “Great Beginnings,” “A Little Bit of Swing” and “Winter Winds.”

The Junior High School looks forward to additional concerts in March and June of the coming year. On March 31, both seventh and eighth-grade students will play a concert in Memorial Hall at the Oncenter in Syracuse before performing the Star Spangled Banner to commence the evening’s Syracuse Crunch game.