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Granby Students Raise Money to Help School and Pie Teachers

Granby Students Raise Money Help School and Pie Teachers

Students at Granby Elementary School raised over $4300 this month in an exciting new fundraiser: The Penny War.

For most of the month of November, students at Fulton’s Granby Elementary School have been locked in a vicious struggle: The school’s first-ever Penny War. For two weeks, students were encouraged to bring in loose change and bills to help raise money for the school’s Parent Teacher Group, which helps to facilitate events and field trips. Classes within each grade competed against each other, taking advantage of regular competitions and challenges throughout the event.

Like any great conflict, the Penny War involved no small amount of strategy. While bills and pennies added to a class’s overall totals, silver coins – nickels, dimes, and quarters – were deducted. Rival classes could contribute such coins to their opponents, swaying odds back in their class’s favor.

On Nov. 22, the school held a special assembly where the winning teams of each grade were awarded their grand prize: The right to pie a staff member of their choice. Six staff were pied in all, including Principal Gina Salerno. Other prizes included new classroom games, hot chocolate, and even extra recess. Altogether the school raised more than $4300, making the fundraiser an overwhelming triumph.

Salerno and other Granby staff members praised the success of the Penny War as well as the teamwork and strategy it encouraged among students. While not yet an annual event, the success of the fundraiser has PTG organizers looking favorably at the future.