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Boston Brass performs in special assembly, concert for FCSD students

Boston Brass recently visited G. Ray Bodley High School in Fulton to perform during a daytime assembly and to rehearse with the high school band ensembles for a very special collaborative public concert performance on Wednesday evening.

5th and 6th-grade students from Fairgrieve, Volney, Granby and Lanigan elementaries, as well as 7th and 8th-grade band students from Fulton Junior High School arrived at the GRB auditorium on Wednesday morning for a very special performance on behalf of their high school band peers and Boston Brass.

For the past 31 years, premier brass quintet Boston Brass has set out to establish a one-of-a-kind musical experience for international audiences of all ages. Performing exciting and complex classical arrangements to burning jazz standards, Boston Brass indulges audiences with their tunes and touches of humor and personality, attempting to bridge the gap between formality and modernity.

The quintet encouraged FCSD students to find and follow woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians on YouTube, Spotify, and other digital platforms in order to listen to their recorded musical performances to discover and learn from role models in their craft.

“Find someone who plays your instrument whose style of performance you like – someone who you can appreciate listening to. Listen, watch, and learn from them and you will become an even better musician,” trumpet player Jeff Conner said. Through over 100 performances each year, the members of Boston Brass play to audiences at concerts, educational venues and jazz festivals. In addition to solo performances, Boston Brass regularly performs with orchestras, wind ensembles, brass bands, marching bands and a variety of other ensembles. They have performed in 49 states and 30 countries and have conducted master classes around the world, including sessions and residencies across the globe at prestigious music institutions.

The group consists of Chris Castellanos on horn, William Russell on tuba, Domingo Pagliuca on trombone, Jose Sibaja on trumpet and Jeff Conner on trumpet.