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‘GRB Reset’ Scheduled to Shape Culture, Build Community based on Student Input


Students at G. Ray Bodley High School will help shape future expectations regarding behaviors and culture through an initiative called the “GRB Reset” scheduled Monday, Dec. 6.

Each class that day will focus on a specific issue raised from students’ ongoing Community Circles, recently introduced.

A Community Circle is a protocol that allows all members of the group to share their ideas and be heard by others. Staff spent time Nov. 17 gathering input by encouraging all students to provide feedback on what is going well, some challenges, and what they need from each other and from staff. 

“Our goal is to build community, while creating a safe and welcoming learning environment,” Principal Donna Parkhurst said. “We have students who have said ‘I don’t know the other kids in my classes’ because behaviors have been so different this year. We haven’t taken the time to sit back, take a breath and get to know one another.”

Parkhurst says Community Circles will continue to play a role in students’ lives after the “GRB Reset.”