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FJHS Career Day Delights 7th, 8th Graders

Fulton Junior High School’s annual career day helped jumpstart the seventh- and eighth-graders into thinking about exploring various future job opportunities.
Several guest presenters discussed necessary training or education, explained job duties and shared their personal passions which drove them to success in their careers. Monica Kyle, who organized the event, said students were placed into three of their top career interests after they completed a survey upon learning about how junior high school is “a time to explore their interests and talents.”
The idea behind the event, she said, was for seventh-graders to gain exposure to various fields of interest at a time when they may not have yet considered future opportunities, while the hope for eighth-graders was they would gain a better idea of what their goals would be as they prepare to make their schedule for high school.
“Maybe they attended a career presentation in seventh-grade for the field they were interested in and left thinking, ‘that’s not for me,’” Kyle said. “They would have a year to put some more thought into it and maybe make a more informed decision on presentation choices the second time around.”
Lisa Brancato, SUNY Oswego advisement coordinator, explained to students in her sessions that a college advisor first meets students when they get to college to help them adjust during the transition from high school to college.
“There’s a bit of a learning curve,” she said.
Additional sessions included: nursing and other medical professions, cosmetology, law, photography, veterinary medicine, zoology, culinary and construction, among several other options.
Career exploration, information gathering and learning new life skills will better prepare students to make those decisions, she said. It was her hope, Kyle said, that students enjoyed obtaining basic career knowledge and gathered a better understanding of several jobs to help spark conversation with peers about their future.