Stakeholder Advisory Logo Committee

  • The NYS Education Department is requiring FCSD and all NYS schools to remove Native American references and imagery from district logos and icons. A stakeholder advisory committee has been formed to assist the district in selecting a new icon.

At this point, the following decisions have been made by the advisory committee:

    • FCSD will keep its current colors of red (primary) and green (secondary) due to their importance within community history and heritage.
    • As per NYS mandate, FCSD will not be keeping the "Red Raiders" name. Within state guidelines, "Raiders" is no longer permissible, even with changed visual elements.
    • Our first community survey solicited over 1200 community ideas. The advisory committee then used this data to select three top candidates based on frequency of suggestion and committee criteria.

Committee Criteria

  • The committee evaluated community responses under the criteria that the new icon must:
    • Represent the entire student body
    • Acknowledge and honor our local history and school traditions
    • Promote school pride
    • Respect our entire community and reflect FCSD values/standards
    • Translate to identifiable branding and align with school colors
    • Be unique to FCSD, but not incredibly obscure

What's Next?

    • The stakeholder advisory committee will use the input from this survey to narrow the selection down to the final two.
    • The advisory committee will then present the final two options to the student body by means of the student culture teams for review, discussion and presentation.
    • Students will then vote between the final two, with the advisory committee bringing the final selection to the FCSD Board of Education for approval.
    • The process of logo design will begin after that.

Committee Timeline

January 2023

    • Commitee members selected from district administration, faculty, students, and community members.

March 2023

    • The committee releases their first survey to the community and FCSD schools, recieving over 1200 ideas regarding the future icon

April 2023

    • The committee develops evaluation criteria and examines community responses, resulting in three top contenders.
    • The top contenders are prsented back to the community in a second community survey beginning April 28.