Reopening FCSD

Welcome Back!

Reopening Classroom Layout VR Tour


    Our classrooms are in the process of being made physically distanced and learning safe. Above are three examples of these new layouts, at G. Ray Bodley, the Jr. High and Lanigan Elementary

Online Only Learning Option

  • Dear FCSD Families:

    At this time we have received additional information and we will now offer an online only learning option for all students PK-12. This choice can be different for each child in your family.  
    • All teaching, materials and resources will be provided by the Fulton City School District.  
    • Student attendance will be taken daily in the online format.
    • Families who select this option are expected to commit to online learning for at least the first ten weeks of the school year.
    In order to select this option for your child or children, please complete a separate form, which you will find l linked below, for each child for whom you intend to select the online only learning format.
    A link to the form will also be available on our website at
    If you are unable to access the form, please call 315-593-5509 for assistance.

    We will follow up in writing to verify this choice for each child.
    We have attached the updated summary of our current plan for reopening, for your information. Thank you for your ongoing support of our district and students.
    Brian Pulvino