Instructional Technology Coach

About Me

  • In a way, most of my life I've loved being a educator. I tutored fellow college students at Cedarville University and SUNY Oswego and worked with students in Oswego City School District as an AmeriCorps member. 

    My first degree is in biology and chemistry, with a technical theatre minor.  I've always had interest in the technical side of creativity whether it be art, genetics, archaeology, pedagogy and more. Learning for me is one of the most creative processes out there. When I discovered this love of learning, I went back to school and got my MSED in Curriculum Development. It's powerful and humbling to me when I have the opportunity to encourage this creative force in my classes each year. 

    I've been teaching at the elementary level for 15 years. The last three of those years were as a 1:1 pilot class. Over these last few years, I've watched the powers of creation surge in my students when I dared to modify or transform curriculum with technology.  

    Reach out to me so that I can help you transform your students' powers of creation.


  • Booking an appointment with me is easy. First verify that you are signed into your district Google account. Then, go to, and type Dan Sherman in the "Meet with ..." box. You'll see my busy/available times populate (temporarily) on your calendar. 

    1. Click a time that works for both us.
    2. Type a descriptive title (what I'll be helping you with).
    3. Verify the times.
    4. Under "location" type your school name and the room I'll be meeting you in.
    5. Type items, lists, agendas, questions etc. in the "Description" box.
    6. Click to the blue "Save" button at the top to send your invitation to me.
    7. When I get a chance, I'll respond on Google Calendar to your invitation (yes, no or I'll propose a new time)

Contact Me

  • Dan Sherman
    PreK-12 Instructional Technology Coach
    P: (315) 593-5500, ext. 5519

    Help Desk
    P: (315) 593-5914
    From district Avaya phone, please call ext. 2914.