Central Administration

  • Brian Pulvino
    Brian Pulvino


  • Tom Greer
    Interim Director of Human Resources

  • ChristinaSchirtz
    Christina Schirtz

    Director of School Nutrition

  • Chris Ells
    Christopher Ells

    Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics

  • Geri Geitner
    Geri Geitner

    Deputy Superintendent

  • AL Crump
    Al Crump

    Director of Facilities, Operations and Transportation

  • Daniel Sherman

    Daniel Sherman
    Director of Technology and Data

  • ElizbethTiffany

    Elizabeth Tiffany
    Director of Student Support Services

  • Dom Lisi Photograph
    Dominick Lisi
    Chief of Operations and Finance

  • Desiree Saladin

    Desiree Saladin
    Director of Special Education

  • ReneeHendrickson
    Renee Hendrickson
    Director of Literacy and UPK

  • Abbie Hoffmann

    Abbie Hoffman
    Director of STEAM

  • Kelly Gates

    Kelly Gates
    Director of Early Childhood Education