School Culture

  • The Fulton City School District has implemented social/emotional learning lessons through grade six, and as students entered the Fulton Junior High School they expand their SEL knowledge and began to apply skills learned as they were introduced to the Positivity Project. In the transition from elementary to middle school, students utilized skills to help reduce problem behaviors and promote safety, self-regulation, success and be a support. The Positivity Project will further help GRB students learn how to better apply those skills, such as with both social and self-awareness, ethical decision-making and relationships. The project promotes character strengths, rather than defining weaknesses. The idea is to build one another up. A large group of GRB students will become Positivity Project Ambassadors, who will lead lessons to their peers as they define topics, share quotes, show videos and answer questions. The effort coincides with the district’s existing Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports initiative (PBIS). This opportunity will enable GRB students to build their own leadership capacity.


    GRB School Culture Action Plan


    Students create positivity project logo

    GRB students pose in the Positivity Project symbol on the athletic complex.