Clubs and Activities

  • Freshman Class Advisor:  Katie Sard

    Class Officers:  TBD

    Remind Code:  @dc8cgk  

    Sophomore Class Advisor:  Jon Fasulo

    Class Officers:  Santina Cunningham (President), Jacob Ingersoll (Vice-President), Natalie Guile (Secretary), Latoria Blakeney (Treasurer)

    Remind Code:  @grbcla 

    Junior Class Advisor:  Gina Liotta

    Class Officers: Aiden Trude (President), Anna Bednarz (Vice-President), Grady Marshall (Secretary), Geena Abbott & Ciara Orr (Co-Treasurers) and Grace Olon (Historian)

    Remind Code:  @da99bh 

    Senior Class Advisor:  Ryan Brown & Nick Duval &

    Class Officers:  Riley Kempston (President), Kayla McCraith (Vice-President), Myah Jones (Secretary) and Ava Demars (Treasurer)

    Remind Code:  @a3k886e 

    Student Senate:  Angela Ferlito, Advisor

    Open to all students, grades 9-12. Class Officers are automatically part of Student Senate.

    Officers:  TBD


    National Honor Society:  Nate Fasulo, Advisor

    Admission Requirements (Juniors & Seniors): 89.5% or higher cumulative GPA, 89.5% or higher cumulative attendance rate, community service hours, honorable character references and leadership

    Officers: Harper McClave (President), Meghan Galvin (Vice-President), Megan Acker (Treasurer), Mali Lamanna (Historian), Samantha Moon (Secretary) and Elle Stafford (Parliamentarian)

NHS 2023