Alternative Education

About the Program

  • The alternative education program at G. Ray Bodley High School is designed as an intervention for students in 9th -12th grade. A small class setting provides more individual attention while taking students' unique qualities, goals and life circumstances into consideration. Staff are able to form positive relationships with the students, parents, their families and community resources to ensure all the students' needs are being met. Students are referred to the program through the building student support team when previous interventions have not been successful. The program is housed inside the high school to allow students to take advantage of all supports, clubs, sports, and extra-curricular activities that each high school student has.


  • All core subjects are taught by teachers with the assistance of our Teaching Assistants. The curriculum is aligned to the New York State Common Core and students work on Regents-level coursework. Some students may participate in vocational or work-based learning education programs.  Students will push out into the high school where they will have opportunities to take elective classes, health, and physical education.  Students also have options for contract-based classes in PE and health where they can complete assignments and earn course credit.

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