Site-Based Committee


  • The purpose of school-based planning and shared decision making shall be to improve the educational performance of all students in the school, regardless of such factors as socioeconomic status, race, sex, language background or disability.

Plan for Participation

  • The plan for participation in school-based planning and shared decision making shall specify:

    1. the educational issues which will be subject to cooperative planning and shared decision-making at the building level by teachers, parents, administrators, and, at the discretion of the board of education or BOCES, other parties such as students, school district support staff, and community members;
    2. the manner and extent of the expected involvement of all parties;
    3. the means and standards by which all parties shall evaluate improvement in student achievement;
    4. the means by which all parties will be held accountable for the decisions which they share in making;
    5. the process whereby disputes presented by the participating parties about the educational issues being decided upon will be resolved at the local level; and
    6. the manner in which all State and Federal requirements for the involvement of parents in planning and decision-making will be coordinated with and met by the overall plan.

20-21 Site-Based Team Minutes