I am looking forward to another exciting school year.  I am one of the Speech Therapists in the Fulton City School District. I have been a Speech Therapist for 24 years.  I work at both Volney Elementary School and Fairgrieve Elementary School.   I will work to support you and your child with their articulation, language and pragmatics skills.

Office Hours and Contact Information :
My hours at Fairgrieve Elementary School are 9am-11am, 593-5550  
My hours at Volney Elementary School are 11:15am-3:40pm, 593-5570
I can be reached through email at ccowden@fulton.cnyric.org

Articulation/Speech Sound Developmental Chart

Articulation Therapy resources:

Expressive/Receptive Language Developmental charts:

Pragmatics/Social Communication-Definition and developmental charts