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Volney students are respectful, goal-achievers

Several students at Volney Elementary School were recently recognized as classroom role models for showing respect to their peers and teachers throughout the month of September.
For their efforts, those students received a Principal’s Award and a “brag tag” to add to their collection. The recipients were honored during a school-wide assembly alongside another group of students who were “On-a-Roll” because they achieved an extraordinary moment or a goal in their classroom.
“Our kids have been hard at working meeting all of our expectations,” said Principal Todd Terpening.
The following students received a Principal’s Award: Josselyn Buske, Tessa Morey, Cadence Nipper, Isaiah Lorraine, Izabel Flood, Lila Thurlow, Carter Perras, Callen Cowden, Chase Clark, Kelsey Reed, Vardon Taplin, Zackery McDougall, Xavier Wicks, Adrian Morales, Cole Havens, Allie Warner, Madison Lincoln, Amber Dumas, Troy Baker, Todd Halsdorf and Jarret Austin.
“On-a-Roll” certificates were presented to the following students: Eli Timmerman, Elliemae Austin, Mac Morey, Jeffery Conklin, Wyatt Grant, Wyatt Conger, Nathanael Havens, Preston Hutchins, Carter White, Kayden Bubis, Aubree Taber, Nazzerene Donalson, Haley Taplin, Gianna Tucker, Shiloh Lorraine, Theodore Pederson, Grace Olon, Justin Decker-Bennett, Amber Jackson and Mickayla Avery.

Volney Elementary School students proudly display their Principal’s
Award certificates they received from Principal Todd Terpening, top
left, during a recent school assembly. Absent from the photo are
Isaiah Lorraine and Madison Lincoln.

Volney Elementary School Principal Todd Terpening, top left,
congratulates several students who were recently honored for
achieving classroom goals. Absent from the photo are Elliemae
Austin and Wyatt Conger.





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