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Starting in January, your child will receive a home copy of his / her leveled reading book. Please find a place in your home to keep all of the books so your child can read them on a daily basis. Your child’s reading progress will be directly impacted by the amount of time your child reads at home. 


Strategies to Practice While Reading at Home


·       Look at the pictures.  Often looking at the pictures gives a child an idea of what the words are about and will give him / her context to make a good guess at an unknown word.


·       Get your mouth ready.  If a child is reading comes to an unknown word, he / she should begin by saying the sound of the first letter and sometimes, the word will just pop right out!


·       Does it make sense?  Students always want to make sure that what they read makes sense.  If it doesn't, they need to try another strategy.


·       Does it sound right? As the child reads, the words should sound right in the sentence.  If not the child should try again or use another strategy.  


·       Do the letters look right?  If a child makes a guess at an unknown word, he needs to go back and make sure that the letters in the word match the guess.


·       Reread. Any time the words don't make sense, the child needs to reread to clarify so that he understands what the words say.


·       Discuss it.  Close the book and have your child summarize the story. 


o   Who are the characters?


o   What happened in the beginning?


o   What happened in the end?


o   Where did the story take place?


o   What connections did you have while reading the story (text-to self, text-to-text, text-to-world)?


o   Why did the author write this book?


·       Read Fluently.  Fluency develops by reading texts that are below his / her reading level. Reading should sound like talking. Therefore, it is important to keep and read books that your child brought home a few weeks or even months earlier. 




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