Here is what we are working on for the months of

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Words introduced: of, all, one, from, was, then, do, this, each, who, that, with, now, for, or, & more 

Phonics& Reading: Sounds for double-letter spellings /bb/, /dd/, /ff/, /gg/, /cc/, /ck/, /ll/, /mm/,/nn/, /pp/, /rr/, /ss/, /tt/, and /zz/ 

Writing/Spelling: One-syllable short vowel words with double-letter spellings for consonant sounds (ex. add, stuff, egg, rock, well, inn, dress, mitt, buzz)

Writing Tricky Words
Writing Sentences
Rhyming Words 

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Listening and Learning
Colonial Towns and Townspeople

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  • Putting together (composition) and taking apart (decomposition)numbers 5-8 using actions, objects, drawings, and numbers 
  • Using number bonds to show composing and decomposing numbers 5-8 in story situations 
  • Using horizontal and vertical number bonds
  • Addition stories to 8 using number bonds and addition sentences
  • Subtraction from Numbers to 8