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Strategies to Practice While Reading at Home


     ·       Look at the pictures.  Sometimes looking at the pictures can give clues to help the reader figure out the word. 
·   Get your mouth ready.  When stuck on an unknown word, it can be helpful to say the sound of the first letter in the word.
·   Does it make sense?  It is important to think about what is being read.  If it doesn't make sense,  go back, read it again, and fix the mistake.  
·   Does it sound right? Check to see if the word just pronounced sounds correct with the words in the sentence. 
·  Do the letters look right?  When unsure of a word, make sure the sounds pronounced match with the letters of the words.
·   Reread. If it doesn't make sense, go back and read it again.
·   Discuss it.  Close the book and have your child summarize the story. 
o   Who are the characters?
o   What happened in the beginning?
o   What happened in the end?
o   Where did the story take place?
o   What connections did you have while reading the story (text-to self, text-to-text, text-to-world)?
o   Why did the author write this book?
·    Read Fluently.  Fluency develops by reading books that are below his / her reading level. Reading should sound like talking.  Therefore, it is important to read the books that are sent home.




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