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FJHS 8th Graders Awarded for Accomplishments

Several of the 238 eighth-graders at Fulton Junior High School were honored for their academic achievements and positive character education traits exhibited throughout the 2015-2016 school year.
During the recent eighth-grade awards ceremony, students received much applause and words of encouragement from staff members who noted their growth, maturity and drive all advance during their last year of junior high school. English Teacher Jennifer Meloling said while the students may face obstacles and challenges to overcome at G. Ray Bodley High School, they should reflect back on what they’ve learned from themselves and their peers at FJHS.
Both teachers and Principal Ryan Lanigan announced award recipients, who soon will have their certificates mailed home. The ceremony culminated with a slideshow which captured several highlights throughout the school year.
The following students received perfect attendance recognition: Rebecca Bailey, Brittney Baum, Taylor Bonoffski, Zachary Brown, Harrry Chen, Julie Duval, Ryan Gerth, Christina McMaster, Nicholas Parrish, Mandee Price, Christopher Prosenick, Hayden Sachel, Deven Searor, Cassandra Seaton, Jacob Summerville and Ronde Wood.
Girls Excelling in Math and Science Awards were given to: Kylie Ashline, Rebecca Bailey, Brittany Baum, Taylor Bonofski, Justice Carvey, Dana Galoni, Madison Gilmore, Heidie Hall, Sydney Lawson, Leah O’Hanlon, Madison Pepper, Emily Porter, Mandee price, Isabella Robillard, Anna-Carole Samson, Cassandra Seaton, Kelly Swatkowaski, Nevaeh Tucker, Kira Whitehead, Angel Wilber and Hayden Williamson.
Presidential Awards for academic excellence were awarded to the following students: Annaliese Archer, Nathaniel Archer, Kylie Ashline, Rebecca Bailey, Brittney Baum, Autumn Beechner, Conner Bilings, Taylor Bonoffski, Koji Burdic, Justice Carvey, Samuel Cary, Harry Chen, Patrice Clary, Briana Coakley, Alexander Dedich, Bernadette DeMott, Nolan Dexter, Julie Duval, Jacob Fauler, Anthony Galletta, Ryan Gerth, Madison Gilmore, Seth Grimshaw, Heidie Hall, Laura Hayden, Kyle Hotaling, Katie Hull, Chloe Hurlbutt, Jessica Hyman, Breanna Kimber, Emmah Lamb, Jadon Lee, Alexis Lighthall, Travis Loomis, Fiona McInnis, Christina McMaster, Alicia Merritt, Macy Middleton, Leah O’Hanlon, Madison Pepper, Samantha Perkins, Emily Porter, Mandee Price, Isabella Robillard, Hayden Sachel, Anna-Carole Samson, Cassandra Seaton, Andrew Smith, Jacob Summerville, Mark Tallents, Nevaeh Tucker, Kira Whitehead and Hayden Williamson.
Alexis Lighthall, Samantha Perkins and Abbigayle Wood received recognition for their work on the yearbook, while Emily Porter received the Student Council Award.
Several students were honored for their participation in all-county band, all-county chorus and all-county orchestra. The Chorus Award was given to Alexis Barth and Alex Blaine. The Band Award was given to Mandee Prince and Emily Porter, while the Orchestra Award was given to Leah O’Hanlon and Andrew Smith.
The following students received technology awards: Anna-Carole Samson, Mark Tallents, Emily Porter, Sam Cary, Jacob Summerville and Fiona McInnis. Principal Choice Artist awards were given to Helen Teeter and Kira Whitehead.
Both Christina McMaster and Caleb Trepasso received Nurse’s Appreciation awards and the following students received a Physical Education Award: Madison Gilmore, Andru Walts, Gage VanHorn, Cassandra Seaton, Rebecca Bailey and Samantha Perkins.
Spanish awardees are: Samantha Perkins, Christina McMaster, Emily Porter, Samuel Cary, Alicia Merritt and Jadon Lee. French awardees are: Julie Duval, Isabella cavalier, Cassandra Seaton, Hayden Williamson, Levi Chase, Ethan Abelgore and Randy Ferriter. Mark Tallents and Madison Kreinheder received German awards.
The following students were recognized for exhibiting leadership: Marshall Knapp, Kyle McEwen, Vance Hebert, Alex Blaine, Anna-Carole Samson, Emmah Lamb, Laura Hayden, Lyle Beeman, Katie Hull and Jade Schneider.
Students who were named Most Improved are: Brian Mitchell, Jade Brownrigg, Nate Stevens, Annabelle Dickens, Tyler Emeterio, Na’Bella Waye, Summer Rae Kennedy, Annaliese Archer, Robert Knapp, Zachary Brown, Austen McBride and Caleb Trepasso. Kindess was exhibited throughout the school year from: Roy Harvey-Studer, Login Dingman, Chad Mansfield, Courtney Weaver, Emily Porter, Kyle Hotaling, Cassandra Seaton, Evan Holliday, Gavin brown, Cristina Reynoso and Ethan Abelgore.
The following students embodied school spirit: Samantha Humphrey, Brehana Boots, Julie Duval, Randy Shattell, Rebecca Bailey, Hayden Sachel, Katlyn Jones, Donald Dunham and Justin Woolworth.
Science honors were awarded to: Alyssa Robinson, William Stoutenger, Angel Wilber, Heide Hall, Brian Kingsely, Nathanael Stevens, Jade Schneider and Gavin Brown. Earth science honors were awarded to Anthony Galletta, Hayden Williamson, Kylie Ashline and Leah O’Hanlon.
The following students received recognition for excellence in social studies: Koji Burdic, Fiona McInnis, Brittney Baum, Paige Pierce, Sara Burnett, Madison Gilmore, Micholas Parrish, Emily Morales, Brianna Gleason and Katie Hull.
English honors were provided to Alexis Boots, Destinee Eggleston, Emily Dann, Mandee Price, Patrick Galvin, Bernadette Demott, Briana Coakley and Kayleigh LaBeef. The following students received an Author Award: Kira Whitehead, Jacob Fauler, Alicia Merritt, Alexander Dedich, Annabelle Dickens, Alexis Lighthall, Chloe Hurlbutt and Logan Bonnell.
Math awards were given to: Mackenzie Birdsell, Isabella Cavalier, Alicia Merritt, Autumn Beechner, Anthony Dashnau, Isabella Robillard and Anthony Carter. The following students received algebra awards: Justice Carvey, Jacob Curtis, Rebecca Bailey and Harry Chen.

Below are several photos from the awards ceremony:








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