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GRB students present oral history project

Eleventh-grade honors students in the Fulton City School District recently partnered with the Wisdom Thinkers Network for a community oral history project.

After months of research, writing, videotaping and editing, the oral history effort culminated with a presentation and community discussion in the Fulton Education Center auditorium. During the forum, an audience of local residents, students and staff watched video interviews, engaged in conversation and shared stories about the city of Fulton’s past with the hope of inspiring change for the future.

“It was nice to talk about how hopeful people are about where we are going as a city,” said G. Ray Bodley High School English teacher Ami LaDuc. “I see this beautiful bridge now between the students and our community. This was a great community outreach project.”

Each student in the class interviewed members of the community, encompassing a diverse demographic. The interviews were recorded and compiled into a brief video that highlighted some of their findings. Students said they were inspired and felt encouraged to get involved with revitalization efforts, which was one of the goals of the project.

“Let’s not complain; let’s do something about it,” said Jeff Grimshaw, a consultant with the Wisdom Thinkers Network.  “Doing something to make a positive change takes a bit of energy and ambition, but it’s worth the effort.”

Grimshaw challenged the students to join the Community Strengths Institute, which unites local leaders and educators to inspire students and effect change. The grassroots group works to identify an issue in the community and develop solutions to solve the problem.

“What is going to come out of this work is nothing short of miraculous,” said Ralph Singh, chair of the Wisdom Thinkers Network.

For more information about the FCSD’s work with the Wisdom Thinkers Network, please call the district office at 593-5500.




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