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Scoring System

This year there will be a new scoring system used to grade student work.  The Progress Key chart is consistent with the scoring key of the NYS assessments. 
Previously, your child received an E, S, P, or N for a grade and effort was reflected with a numerical value 1-4.  However, in order to be consistent with the NYS assessments, a new scoring system has been put in place.  Hopefully the charts below will help eliminate any confusion.  

Scoring System
Progress Key (traditionally known as a grade)
4 Meeting Standards with Distinction
3 Meeting Standards  
2 Partially Meeting Standards                        
1 Not meeting Standards   
Effort Key (amount of effort used to complete task)
E Excellent
S Satisfactory
I Inconsistent
N Needs Improvement
Guide to Weekly Reports
Every Friday your child will bring home a weekly report to keep you informed on how your child is doing in Kindergarten. The weekly report will contain an overall  ELA, Math and behavior score for the week. 

Grades:The grades reflected in the weekly reports are the same as the report card.
4: Meeting Standards with Distinction   
3: Meeting Standards  

2: Partially Meeting Standards     
1: Not Meeting Standards                       

If your child received a 4 or 3, your child is meeting the targets for the week. If your child received a 2, your child needs to practice the target that they are struggling with. If your child received a 1, this is a target that needs to be discussed with the teacher.

Behavor:This will reflect how your child behaved and worked in the classroom




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