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Granby students operate WCNY’s Enterprise America City

Sixth grade students from Granby Elementary participated in WCNY’s Enterprise America, an exciting co-curricular program where they spent a day operating Enterprise America city.
The students staffed government and businesses within the city in a hands-on learning experience. In the week leading up to the event, students applied for an interviewed for various positions within the city. Teachers determined who would be placed in each business based on the student’s strengths, interests, application and interview. Each business was staffed with an owner and a variety of other staff members who performed necessary jobs within the specific business. Once in the city, students applied STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills as well as fiscal and literacy skills to help run the city and its businesses. They became business entrepreneurs and employees, consumers and citizens. The business owners visit the credit union to apply for loans to start their businesses and then used the money to pay for marketing, advertising, supplies, utilities, and more to operate their business. Other businesses offered services such as website design or advertising
Included in the city was a governmental agency “City Hall” which included a mayor, city attorney, judge, police officer, and more. The city enacted laws that the student citizens were required to follow and those who chose not to were issued tickets and appeared before the judge to determine fines and punishment.
Within the business, staff members were given a paycheck from which students were required to pay for health insurance and taxes. On their lunch break they visited the bank to deposit their checks and take out a small amount of cash that they could use to purchase items from other stores. The bank personnel, also students, had to process the customer requests as did each of the other independent businesses.
The program emphasizes the importance of working together as a team, communication, collaboration, deadlines and being responsible. All important factors that business owners and employers look for in their workforce. By putting into practice the skills necessary to be successful in 21st century businesses, students also realize the importance of education and staying in school for long-term success. 




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