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Metric Measurement

Essentail Question:

       How can we use measurement and the scientific method to form valid conclusions?

By the end of this unit, you will be able to:
  • Use the following lab equipment to determine proper measurements
    • Metric Ruler
    • Triple Beam Balance
    • Graduated Cylinder
    • Thermometer
  • Use the density triangle to calculate density, volume, and mass
  • Determine if an object's density will change if both mass and volume change
  • Develope a scientifically sound hypothesis
  • Distinguish between an observation and an inference
  • Identify the dependent and independent variable in an experiment
  • Identify the cause and effect relationship in a problem
  • Classify objects according to a established scheme and student generated scheme
  • Record data using appropriate units and calculated values 
  • Gather information and appropriately fill out a data table
  • Plot information on a graph using a data table
  • Analyze and explain information from data tables and graphs in order to predict what is going to happen




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