Physical Education Make-Ups

Physical Education Class Make-Ups
There are 3 options for making up Physical Education class.

1.     Students may get a pre-signed pass from their P.E. teacher to make up a class
        during a study hall.

2.     Students can perform 30 minutes of exercise on their own for each P.E. class absence. 
        Students will need to record on a sheet of paper the activity performed, the date performed
        and a parent or guardian will need to sign the paper. 

3.     If students are not able to do physical activity, they can choose an article from a health,
        sport or fitness magazine or website.  Students will need to read the article, write down the
        name of the article, author and a brief summary of the article including what interested you
        about the article.  Students will need to choose one article for each absence.