Strive for 5

Strive for 5
Grading Procedure
Students earn a score out of 5 for each Physical Education class.


5=Met/Exceedeed all 5 cirteria
4=Met 4 out of 5 criteria
3= Met 3 out of 5 criteria
2=Met 2 out of 5 criteria
1=Met 1 out of 5 criteria
0=Did not meet any of the criteria

Criteria Description
Respectful *Student is attentive during instruction and treats other in the class the way they want to be treated.
Responsible *Student comes prepared for class with sneakers and comfortable clothing to move in.
Safe *Student follows all safety rules and regulations for P.E. class and the activities the students are engaged in.
Participation *Student is putting forth effort and actively engaged in the activities of class.
Assessment *Student understands the concepts being taught in class through verbal, written or visual assessments.