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Classroom Management

Classroom Rules: Although I help guide the kids to these rules and conclusions on the first day of school, these are the general guidelines that we aim to follow. We actually spend time creating these rules together and I have all of the kids sign their name once the rules have been written and posted in the room to show them that they are responsible for themselves and their own actions.
  1. Be respectful to everyone: Pay attention to others, be an active listener, and use kind words.
  2. Be Safe at all times: Keep hands, feet, and other body parts to yourself and use them correctly (no running, raise your hand to be called on, etc.)
  3. Be responsible: complete all of your work and attend all of your classes.
  4. Always try to do your best and smile!
Management Plan: In our classroom we use color tokens with each of the students so that they have a visual to measure their success daily. If the students make good choices (follow the rules), they receive a color token for each class they are successful in. I give the children about three warnings for each inappropriate behavior. After the warnings are used, I will place an X on the square where the color token would go (they lose 5 minutes of choice time). For each X they receive, they will lose an additional 5 minutes of choice time. There are 10 squares available every day for students to earn a color token. The student will also participate in a conference based upon their actions and re-taught important skills necessary to make better choices.
This management plan is specifically for the classroom, but the building has the referral process as well. If a student displays inappropriate behaviors, a referral may be written and administrative action may take place.
Positive Reinforcement: Along with earning the tokens, which allows them to receive 40 minutes of choice time (Once work is completed), we also have a marble jar in the classroom on the wall. This marble jar is used for students who display appropriate behaviors during fire drills, assemblies, or just go above and beyond the typical day by helping others. For each of these appropriate behaviors, each student has the potential to earn a marble for the marble jar. Once the marble jar has been filled, we decide collectively on what their reward will be (pizza party, field trip, swimming, etc.). After receiving the reward, we can begin filling the marble jar over again.
This is specifically for the classroom, but the building has several PBIS celebrations and matrix money rewards throughout the year as positive reinforcement for students who embody the building expectations of being respectful, responsible, and safe.





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