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Main Units Covered

·     2-D and 3-D work such as drawing, painting and sculpture

·     Elements and Principles of art

·     Perspective

·     Paper Mache/ceramics


Classroom/School Rules

·     Act Respectfully

·     Act Responsibly

·     Act Safely



Classroom assignments are 15%

Major Projects are 85%

Students grade their assignments using a reflection sheet.  This helps them explain the choices that they made and reinforces art vocabulary and themes.  It gives the students the opportunity to reflect on their progress, articulate what they have learned and what they can do to improve.


The Art Education program is a full year, hands-on course for seventh grade students. It emphasizes the development of creative problem solving skills, and reflective thinking through the exposure to a wide variety of art media, techniques and history.

Art Classroom Expectations
  • All students are in their assigned seat when the bell rings for class to begin.
  • All students are quiet and listening during directions. If a student has a question then he or she needs to raise his/her hand. If a student is talking out of turn during directions, he or she will receive a discipline referral for classroom disruption.
  • All students are to remain in their assigned seat throughout the class period. Students can sharpen pencils and get art supplies. However no student should be standing at another student’s assigned seat.
  • All class materials are to be used for assignments only. Any misuse of materials will result in a discipline referral.
  • Students are expected to remain on-task and focused on their assignments. If a student is off-task, disrupting the teacher or other students, it will result in a discipline referral.
  • All students are expected to complete all required components of each lesson. All students are expected to put 100 percent effort into each assignment. If you are unsure of what to do next, please ask the teacher for assistance.
  • Students are to remain working until the teacher announces clean up.All students are to return all borrowed art materials and return to THEIR ASSIGNED SEAT and wait for dismissal. Students are not to wait at the classroom door.
  • No electronic devices are to be used during Art Class.




Brian Pulvino, Superintendent
167 South Fourth Street
Fulton, New York 13069
Phone: (315) 593-5500

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