School Nutrition

Terry Warwick
Director of Food/Nutrition Services

P: (315) 593-5516
F: (315) 593-5533

Debra Lindsey
P: (315) 593-5515



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Lunch Meal Prices:
$2.35 K - 8
$2.60 9-12 
$.25 - Reduced
Milk varieties offered at
all schools for $.60 each.

Breakfast Meal Prices: 
$1.50 - K-12 - Full Paying
$.25 - Reduced

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Mission Statement

The mission of Fulton School Food Service is to provide a safe, economical School Food Service operation that supports sound nutrition programs for the students while fulfilling state and federal requirements, and – as partners in Education – to offer nourishing, well-balanced meals that encourages students to develop, learn and establish life-long habits of making healthy food choices.

FIBER: is mostly found in the bread/grain, vegetable, and fruit groups. These foods are also usually low in fat and high in Vitamins A & C. Try to eat more whole grain breads, and any type of fruit and vegetable.

CHOLESTEROL: is only found in animal products like meats and dairy foods. Our meals meet the US Dietary Guidelines for Healthy American Children.

VITAMIN A: is found in dairy products and deep yellow and green fruits and vegetables. Eating foods with Vitamin A keeps our eyesight and skin healthy. Our meals meet the recommended dietary allowances for Vitamin A.

In the operation of child feeding programs, no child will be discriminated against because of race, color, national origin, age or disability. If you believe you have been discriminated against write immediately to Dept. of Agriculture, Wash. DC 20250