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News from the Wood

Welcome to 4th Grade with Mrs. Wood

The major target skills for English Language Arts is that your child is able to write a well developed paragraph which would include a topic sentence that restates the question and does not have a "because" in the statement.  We save the "because" for the detailed sentences.  Paragraph should include 3 details unless stated otherwise.  Paragraph ends with a conclusion where you sum up the writing which is the topic sentence/original question re-written as the final statement.   

Throughtout the year we will be working through units of study with Native Americans, Colonial America and The Revolutionary War.

IXL is a great site to practice English Language Arts skills

Throughtout the year the skills your child will be working with are:
  • number sense- place value, rounding, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing
  • measurement- metric and customary units of measurement
  • geometry- identifying polygons, lines of symmetry, area/perimeter, measuring angles with protractors
  • fractions- proper, improper, mixed numbers, adding, subtracting, multiplying
Sumdog is a site to practice Math

IXL is a great site to practice English Language Arts skills

Social Studies
Some of the Social Studies units are linked to the English Language Arts units which will include Native Americans, Colonial Americans and The Revolutionary War.  Other units that will be studied are Geography, Explorers, Government and if time permits we continue to work through American History.

Some of the topics we will be covering in Science are; scientific method, scientific tools, electricity/energy/magnets, simple machines and plants and animals.  Many subjects are reviewed in preparation for the NYS Science Test that have been taught in grades K-3.





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