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Technology 8

Welcome to Mr. Derouchie's Homepage
~8th Grade Technology~

This course is designed as a hands-on, minds-on classroom! Students will be introduced to a multitude of experiences. They will use various tools, machines, resources and computer applications. This course will help them make informed decisions not only for real life situations, but also assist them in making choices for high school pathways that align with their goals or interests. Instructional units are developed to be completed both individually and collaboratively in teams, as in the real world.
Below is a sampling of the instructional units that will be covered throughout the 40 week course:

Design and Modeling
Students will individually work within the engineering design process to draw and build an aerodynamic CO2 dragster for competition. Safety and working with various wood working machines and tools will be utilized.

Robotics and Automation
Students will work collaboratively in teams of three or four to build two robots. The first is created for awareness with gears, motors and adjusting to increase performance. A second robot is designed and built for a search and recovery mission utilizing an IPad and Go Pro camera.

Green Architecture
Students will draw various residential and commercial structures using 3-D modeling software. They will also apply green building technologies where applicable throughout the unit.

Energy and Environment 
Students will work both individually and in groups of two to examine many renewable and non renewable sources. These activities will be done both through research and hands on approaches.





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