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Granby Elementary Hosts Battle of the Books

Granby Gators chomped their competition during the building’s inaugural Battle of the Books event, held Feb. 26 in the elementary school’s library.
Teams “Orchestropic,” of Sixth Graders Lydia Mirabito, Matthew Firenze and Dayton Sievers, and “The Falcons,” of Fifth Graders Callum Smith and Ethan Demars will move on to compete with fifth graders and sixth graders from Volney, Fairgrieve and Lanigan elementary schools during the Fulton City School District Battle of the Books competition, to be held at 6 p.m. March 9 at the Fulton Education Center. Also moving on from Granby Elementary are Third Graders Alissa Murdoch and Thomas Springer of the team “The Fastbacks” and Fourth Graders Ella Halladay, Jenna Fleming and Grady Marshall of the team “Beauty and the Books.”
Granby Battle of the Books Director Allison Kowalski, who also is the school Library Media Specialist, asked 16 questions that began with “In which book…” before teams were given 30 seconds to think of and record the answers of a correct book title and author. Students earned eight points for a correct title and author, or five points for a title only. No points were awarded for correct author only.
“It’s such a big time commitment and they wanted to read for fun,” Kowalsi said.
Granby Elementary Principal Heather Perry stopped by the third-grade and fourth-grade battle to “see the intense collaboration.” Following the Granby Battle of the Books event, teams congratulated one another and received certificates of recognition from Kowalski.
Teams had just four months to read 10 books for the competition. All questions and answers are generated from the Alaska Association of School Libraries.
Third-grade and fourth-grade teams also include: Natalie Frost and Harper Ellis of “Bookworms,” Ricky Bush, Tyler Bertrand and Michael Quinlan of “Reading Creepers” and Madison McCarty-Castillo, Hailey Payment and Morgan Fishel of “The Reading Gators.” Other sixth-grade teams that competed include Quinn Halstead and Rebecca Stone of “Unicorns” and Megan Flint and Mackenzie Coant of “Team Lightning.”
The top teams from the district competition will earn the right to represent the Fulton City School District in the countywide Battle of the Books event March 22 at Paul V. Moore High School in Central Square.

Below are several photos from the Granby Battle of the Books competition:




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