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Granby 5th Graders Form Recycling Club

Granby Elementary School is going green.
The new fifth-grade led school Recycling Club is committed to increasing recycling efforts throughout the building to help reduce the amount of waste. Motivation behind this effort came after students in Ellen Himes’ class were shown trash cans overfilled with garbage on the school’s loading dock. Enthusiasm to recycle spread as they wrote letters to elected officials asking for support and ideas. A response from state Sen. Patricia A. Ritchie’s office included encouragement to connect with Oswego County resident Bob Green, chairman of The Green Team- a subcommittee of the Oswego County Tourism Advisory Council. During a recent visit with Granby fifth-graders, Green explained the committee’s efforts to prevent littering through community education and projects.
Students Elle Stafford and Connor Nugent said that conversation sparked more desire to increase recycling efforts. If nobody recycled, Stafford said “our world would be a dumpster.”
Nugent offered the following tips: always recycle, plastic bottles are recyclable but bottle caps are not and think of what animals you could be hurting if you threw recyclables into the trash.
Recycling Club members are tasked with emptying and sorting through recycle bins with gloves on to ensure materials are separated and waste is reduced.
Granby’s Science Technology Engineering and Math project-based learning initiative also included a school-wide assembly where students of all grade levels were shown various materials to recycle.
The fifth-graders will receive support from G. Ray Bodley High School Seniors Jake McDermott, Ethan Dexter, Robbie Pollock and Cody Green who are enrolled in Dan Mainville’s global environment course offered through SUNY ESF in Syracuse. The high schoolers will visit Granby weekly to oversee the sorting and weighing of materials, all while collecting data and testing hypothesis for their own project. During a recent weigh-in, students sorted through nearly 60 pounds of recyclable materials for just one day at Granby Elementary.
Mainville said the collaboration will hopefully show just how much of an impact recycling efforts have at Granby. McDermott, Dexter, Pollock and Green will present their findings at ESF in May during an environmental summit with over 200 students from throughout the region.
During the 2014-2015 school year, Mainville’s class helped Fairgrieve Elementary School begin a recycling program. While there has been a big push for Fulton City School District staff members and students to recycle throughout the past few decades, Mainville said recyclables have been measured within the past four years.  At 9:30 a.m. every Thursday, G. Ray Bodley High School students gather to sort their school’s recyclables for the week. Money from returnable bottles and cans there have been used to purchase new drinking fountains, which encourage students to refill water bottles.

Some members of Granby Elementary School’s Recycling
Club proudly stand alongside G. Ray Bodley High School
Seniors (from left in the back row) Ethan Dexter, Jake
McDermott and Cody Green during a break from sorting and
weighing recyclable materials.

Members of the new Recycling Club at Granby Elementary
School, at left, observe G. Ray Bodley High School Seniors
Jake McDermott, second from right, and Cody Green, right,
as they weigh a bin of paper.

Granby Elementary and G. Ray Bodley High School students
work together to sort through recyclable materials at the
elementary school.

Granby 5th Graders were treated to a presentation by Bob Green on
avoiding litter in the local community. Mr. Green is a part of "The
Green Team," a subcommittee of the Oswego County Tourism
Council. He came to the elementary school on the recommendation
of State Sen. Patricia A. Ritchie.





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