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Students Exceed Expectations at Fairgrieve

Fairgrieve Elementary School’s Expectation Award winners for the month of December were recently recognized for exceeding the school’s classroom expectations.
Recipients were respectful, responsible, safe and problem solvers because they shared, remained quiet during work time, followed directions, kept hands and feet to themselves, asked for help when needed and never gave up on assignments.
The monthly award is given to students during Fairgrieve’s Morning Express program and coincides with the Fulton City School District’s implementation of the Positive Behavior, Interventions and Supports initiative.
Honorees received a commemorative pencil and a “brag tag” to add to their collection.
Award recipients (from left) in the front row are: Kylar Rando, Daymin Woodworth and Rebecca Johnson. In the second row, from left are: Benjamin Renfrew, Jacob Goss, Emma Seymour-Wright, Dahni Perry, Skyler Perkins and Piper Litchison. In the third row, from left are: Hayden Lockwood, Matthew Clark, Natalie Guile, Alexis Durval, Jasmin Bort, John McCauliffe, Dominick Reidell and Nicholas David. In the top row, from left are: Ariel Nesbitt, Molly Williams, Konner Moody, Tristan Kent, Charlie Stoutenger and Olivia Frataccia. Absent from the photo are George LaClaire and Elijah Brooks.

Fairgrieve Elementary School Expectation Award recipients
beam with pride as Principal Jean Ciesla, top left, offers her
congratulations to students for exceeding classroom
expectations throughout the month of December.





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