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Volney 4th Graders Become Authors

Upon completion of an English Language Arts module on Haudenosaunee legends, Volney Elementary School fourth-graders celebrated their transformation into authors by hosting a reading and tea reception.
The Author’s Tea event took place in each fourth-grade classroom where there were captive audiences that listened to student legends, which explained how something in nature occurred; Each story also had a moral.
Gabby Runge, a student of Chelsie Cleveland’s class, read “How Bigfoot Came to Be,” which chronicled the journey of magic hair gel that made hair grow all over the character Billy. People mistook him for Big Foot. Her moral: don’t judge someone before you get to know them. Her classmate Mackenzie Kerfien read her legend about a turkey who wished to be different and in the end used its last wish to return back to normal. The lesson learned: be happy with who you are.
Students used Microsoft Publisher to create storybooks, but they created their own illustrations by hand.
Following the readings, each author and their guest attended a reception in the library.

Volney Elementary Fourth-Grader Mackenzie Kerfien reads her
legend, “How the Moon Came to Be” to classmates during an
author’s tea event in Chelsie Cleveland’s classroom. All fourth-
graders participated.

Teddy Pederson, Volney Elementary fourth-grader, explains
how cats got their patterns as he reads a legend he penned
about the topic.





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