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First-graders plan “Pint Size Heroes” blood drive

First-graders at Lanigan Elementary are coordinating a “Pint Size Heroes” blood drive to take place October 27.
It all started with a class project in which they learned about the human body; a registered nurse from SUNY Upstate Medical University came to their class for a demonstration.
Alissa Bush, R.N., first tested the student’s knowledge on what they had learned in class by asking them to name systems of the body: the nervous system, digestive system, skeletal system and so on. The students reported that the brain was the control center of the body and also named the five senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.
Students took turns pinning printed images of vital organs where they should be placed in the body on the board. When asked to list ways to keep the body healthy, one student reported, “You need lots of rest.” The students also came up with exercise, a healthy diet, brushing your teeth and going to the doctor for check-ups. 
The lesson was filled with interactive, hands-on activities such as a bin filled with a representation of “blood” where the students could investigate platelets and red and white blood cells.
Working in an operating room, Nurse Bush shared why donating blood is so important, and that doing so can save lives. While the youngsters are too young to donate, they are doing their part by working with teachers to coordinate a “Pint Size Heroes” blood drive. The drive will be held Tuesday, October 27, from noon till 5 p.m. at Lanigan Elementary School, 59 Bakeman Street in Fulton. Contact Marie Mathes at mmathes@fulton.cnyric to schedule an appointment.

Lanigan Elementary students explore a replica of what blood would look
like, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and all.




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