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Lift off! Lanigan 6th Graders Launch Rockets

James E. Lanigan Elementary sixth graders launched homemade rockets near the school’s playground after having learned about rocket science.
The students studied rocket components: engine mounts, fins, igniter, body tube, and launch lug, and Newton’s three laws of motion.
“They talked about action and reaction, how force equals mass times acceleration, and also an object stays at rest,” said teacher Harry Meeker. “We take those three laws and apply it to rocketry.”
Mary Jane Mullaney said she enjoyed coloring her rocket as a rainbow, and enjoyed blasting it into the air. Fellow sixth grader Abby Mainville gave encouragement to some classmates who were nervous to launch their rockets.
“You guys got this,” she said, as she readied to launch the rocket she named Kevin 900.
The students built the rockets using kits from the Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES. In between launches, students had to write information about the four senses of sight, touch, smell, and sound to develop vivid language for a news article about their rocket launch.
About 20 students planned to launch their rockets in the evening, providing parents with the opportunity to watch their child’s project launch after they got out of work.





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