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Blast Off! Granby 6th Graders Launch Rockets

Granby Elementary School sixth graders celebrated becoming rocket scientists by blasting cardboard rockets above the school’s field.
Before the launch, students spent time learning components of rockets and what makes them take off. Rocket kits used included the following parts: engine mounts, fins, igniter, body tube, and launch lug.
“The shock cord absorbs the energy,” said Spencer Adkins.
The sixth graders studied Newton’s three laws of motion throughout the past few weeks. According to sixth grade teacher Joe McNamara, students also applied those laws to everyday activities and they had to saw where those laws came into play before they launched their rockets.
Student Lydia Mirabito said rocket building “is more difficult than you think. The hardest part was putting the parachute in.”
Each student took a turn launching his or her own rocket, recording what happened and shared information with classmates so they could write a news article about the event.
While one rocket landed in a tree and another landed in a backstop in the field, most of them soared straight into the air.




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