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Scholarship Criteria Sheet
Applications are available in the Counseling Office and on Naviance

*****NOTE:   If scholarship needs a transcript, please request from the Counseling office secretaries 3 days prior to deadline date. 
This will allow us time to get your official transcript ready and back to you by the deadline date. 
Click on underlined titles and websites to access online sites.


CRITERIA:  Apply and be accepted for 2019 – 2020 academic year at Clarkson, Drexel, Johnson & Wales, Merrimack, Oswego, RIT, University of Toledo, University of Cincinnati or Wentworth Institute of Technology.  Have a GPA of 3.5 or Higher.  WACE encourages minority and female students as well as students interested in Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology (SMET).  
DEADLINE:  Due Dates Vary Per School
APPLICATION PROCESS:  Complete application and essay and apply online or mail to sponsor.  Early Applications are highly encouraged.

AXA Achievement Scholarship
Criteria:  Are you active in your community?  Have you led or initiated a project that benefits others?  Have you overcome personal challenges or difficulties to achieve your goals?
Amount:  10 - $25,000, 42 - $10,000 & 300 - $2,500 Awards
Deadline:  December 14, 2018
Application Process:  Apply online at:

Burger King Scholars
Criteria:  Have a GPA of 2.5, be passionate about serving the community, be a high school senior.
Amount:  Varies
Deadline:  12/15/18
Application Process:  Complete application online:

AFSCME Family Scholarship Program
Criteria:  Graduating Senior who is child of a full dues-paying AFSCME member.  Must be accepted into a full time degree program and have taken the ACT or SAT.  This scholarship may be used in any field of study.
Amount:  10 - $2,000 scholarships renewable.
Deadline:  Postmarked by 12/31/18
Application Process:  Mail complete application and all support documentation.  Applications online at:

Oswego County Federal Credit Union Scholarship
Criteria:  Member in good standing college bound.
Amount:  Varies
Deadline:  1/4/2019
Application Process:  Complete application and return to your credit union.  Management employee must verify your membership.  Applications are available online at your credit union, on our website, on Naviance and paper applications are available in the counseling office.

Empower Federal Credit Union
Criteria:  Member in good standing, college bound senior attending for the first time in Fall .
Deadline:  1/4/19
Application Process:  Applications are available online, in the counseling office or on Naviance.  Complete application and mail to sponsor or drop off at sponsor.

New York Credit Union Association Award
Criteria:  Member of a participating NY credit union, college bound attending college for the first time in fall.
Amount:  $250 - $1,500
Deadline:  1/4/19
Application Process:  Online application:

Washington Crossing Foundation
Criteria:  Planning career of service to the US in local, state, or federal government.
Deadline:  Must be postmarked by 1/15/19
Application online at:  Mail application to sponsor.  

Union Plus Scholarship Program
Criteria:  Members of unions that participate in any union plus program.  Applicant continuing education.  ar.
Amount:  $500 - $4,000
Deadline:  1/31/19
Application Process:  Complete application online:

Criteria:  Must be a child or grandchild of a living paid-up Elk who joined before April 1, 2016.  Plan to attend an accredited US school, college or university.  Plan to take the SAT or ACT by 12/31.
Amount:  $4,000 scholarships ($1,000 per year for four years). The Foundation will offer a total of up to 300 awards.
Deadline:  No later than NOON central time on 2/1/19.
Application Process:  Apply ONLINE at:

Americu Credit Union Scholarship
Criteria:  Member in Good Standing.
Amount:  10 awards of $1,000
Deadline:  2/1/19
Application Process:  Complete application online:

Syracuse CPCU Society Chapter Inc. Scholarship
Criteria:  3 Scholarships available.  Members family, SUNY Oswego Risk Management and Insurance Industry and High School Seniors.
Amount:  $1,000
Deadline:  March 4, 2019
Application Process:  Available online at: 

BMW/SAE Engineering Scholarship
Criteria:  Must be attending college in the Fall as a Freshman and majoring in Engineering or related science degree.  3.75 or better grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Rank in the 90th percentile in both math and critical reading on SAT1 or Composite ACT scores.
Deadline:  March 15, 2019
Application Process:  Apply online at:

FASNY Gerard J. Buckenmeyer Volunteer Scholarship - Firemen's Association of the State of New York
High School Graduate actively participating as a volunteer firefighter or junior firefighter.  Be a member or parent fuardian is a member of FASNY.
Amount:  25 awards of $1,500
Deadline:  3/15/19
Application Process:  Applications are available online.  Complete application and mail to sponsor.

B. Davis Scholarship
Criteria:  Juniors and Seniors.  Write an essay of less than $1,000 words on:
Describe the three characteristics of leadership you value most.  Discuss why you believe that these traits are so important and how you feel that they are developed in an individual.
Amount:  $1,000
Deadline:  May 24, 2019
Application Process: Your submissions must be sent by email at 

Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants Scholarship
Criteria:  Available to all high school juniors and seniors planning on attending an accredited post secondary institution.  Write an essay of 500 to 1,000 words:
Describe your educational career and life goals. Explain your plan for achieving these goals. Include your degree/major, why you selected it, and how this degree/major will help you achieve your goals.
Amount:  $1,000
Deadline:  June 14, 2019
Application Process:  Your submissions must be sent to us by email at:

Big Sun Athletics
Criteria:  All senior student athletes are eligible regardless of the sport they are engaged in or the capacity in which they participate. 
Amount:  $500
Deadline:  June 16, 2019
Application Process:  All essay submissions should be sent to: ""  Please remember to include your name and the name of the school that you are attending. 
Please send us a short essay (500 - 1,000 words) answering the following questions:
  • How did your participation in sports during your high school years influence you?
  • Has your participation influenced your career goals?
  • Has your participation influenced how you relate to your family?

Criteria:  Scholarship nominees are selected by computing a weighted average of the scores on the Regents Examinations taken by students prior to their senior year in all of the following:  English(X3), Algebra 2/Trig(X3), Global(1), US History(1), & 3 Science(1 per Course).  Winners must attend an approved NYS post-secondary institution by Fall 2017 in order to use the benefits of this scholarship.  Winners will be determined and notified by their Counselor.
Amount:  Highest Ranked Regents Average receives $1,500.  Remaining ranked regent’s averages will receive $500.

Criteria:  Native American student who are planning on attending Onondaga Community College.  Four awards available.
Amount: Varies depending on award
Application Process:  Applications are available online at:














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