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Curriculum Shifts Embraced in the FCSD

Since the adoption of the Common Core Learning Standards, the Fulton City School District has adapted to meet the shifts in the curriculum, and teachers are excited about the changes.
According to Mary Ann DeMar, a reading teacher at Granby Elementary School, she and her colleagues are implementing differentiated instruction, providing individualized lessons, assessing students based on performance and using data-driven instruction methods.
The shifts to the curriculum are to fill in any learning gaps and help reinforce skills across all subject areas. Granby fourth-grade teacher Julie Wood noted that there has been much more integration of English Language Arts into the science and social studies curriculum.
“We are all working together to make sure students have a mastery of skills,” Wood said. “In fourth grade we don’t want a kid walking out the door in June without mastering a full set of skills.”
Another strategy that has been implemented in the district is grouping students. The K-3 ELA curriculum includes a 40 minutes of guided reading group that provides an enrichment opportunity for students of similar abilities.
“We are always adapting to meet the needs of our students,” DeMar said. “These shifts to the curriculum and new instructional strategies will help us reach all students.”




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