Parent Resources

There are a variety of parent resources avialable on this page. Parents are encouraged to access the Parents Guide to Special Education or The Regulations of the Commisioner of Education.  They can be downloaded below.

A release form is avialable to provide parents the ability to sign for releases for various individuals that parents want the District to contact. This form does not replace the HIPPA release that medical professionals require. Contact your medical provider directly for such a form.

If a parent requests mediation of a Special Education CPSE or CSE decision, mediation is typically requested through the New Justice Conflict Resolution Center. Parents can complete a mediation form and send it to the SIPPS office. The district then forwards the form to New Justice.

If there are other questions or needs, parents are encouraged to contact the SIPPS office  at 593-5520.

Please click here for Access VR.

Special Education Policies can be found in the Board of Education section of this website