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Policy Series 9000 - Personnel and Negotiations

9000.0 Personnel Policies Goals
9010.0 Equal Employment Opportunity
9010.2 Sexual Harassment
9010.2E1 Sexual Harassment Complaint
9010.2E2 Sexual Harassment Complaint Appeal
9010.2R1 Sexual Harassment Complaint Regulation - Employees
9020.0 Board-Staff Communications
9100.0 Employee and Volunteer Ethics
9100.0E1 Staff Code of Ethics Exhibit
9100.0R Staff Ethics
9100.0R1 Staff Ethics Regulation
9110.0 Employees' Conflict of Interest
9120.0 Staff Conduct
9125.0 Drug-Free Workplace
9125.0E1 Notice to Employees and Volunteers
9125.0R1 Drug-Free Workplace Regulation
9125.1 Staff Substance Abuse
9130.0 Employee student relations
9135.0 Child Abuse in an Educational Setting
9170.0 Meals and Refreshments
9170.0E Meals and Refreshments Exhibit
9200.0 Professional Staff
9211.2 Incidental Teaching
9230.0 Recruitment
9230.0R1 Personnel Guidelines for Recruiting of the Teaching Staff - General Procedures
9230.0R2 Recruitment - Civil Service Personnel
9231.0 Notice of Position Openings
9240.0 Substitute Professional Staff Employment
9240.0R1 Arrangements for Professional Staff Substitutes
9241.0 Student Teachers
9251.0 Professional Staff Probation and Tenure
9251.0R1 Professional Staff Probation and Tenure Regulation
9260.0 Conditional or Emergency Appointments
9260.0E1 Conditional or Emergency Appointments Acknowledgements
9260.0R1 Conditional or Emergency Appointments Regulation
9270.0 Professional Staff Time Schedules
9280.0 Instructional Staff Development
9280.0R1 Instructional Staff Development
9280.1 Professional Staff Development
9280.1R1 Professional Staff Development
9280.2 Non-Instructional Staff Development
9282.0 Professional Staff Visitations and Conferences
9282.0R1 Professional Staff Visitations and Conferences Regulation
9300.0 Support Staff
9310.0 Support Staff Positions
9311.0 Support Staff Qualifications
9330.0 Recruitment of Support Staff
9330.0E1 Support Staff Recruiting and Hiring
9330.0R1 Recruitment - Support Staff Regulation
9352.0 Appointments of Support Staff
9400.0 Negotiations
9411.0 Board of Education Negotiating Agents
9510.0 Employee Records
9510.0R1 Employee Records Regulation
9511.0 Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
9511.0R1 Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Regulation
9520.0 Staff Complaints and Grievances
9520.0R1 Staff Complaints and Grievances Regulation
9540.0 Employees With HIV-Related Illness
9540.0R1 Employees With HIV-Related Illness Regulation
9580.0 Military Leaves of Absence
9645.0 Disclosure of Wrongful Conduct Whistleblowing




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