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Policy Series 8000 - Support Services

8000.0 Support Services Goals
8100.0 Safety Program Policy
8100.0R1 Safety Program Regulations
8100.1 Use of Aerosol Sprays
8101.0 Fragrance Free Schools
8110.0 Buildings and Grounds Inspection
8110.0R1 Buildings and Grounds Inspection Regulation
8110.1 Buildings and Grounds Inspection
8111.0 Reporting of Hazards
8111.0R1 Reporting of Hazards Regulation
8120.0 Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures
8120.0R1 Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures Regulation
8120.1 Eye Safety Devices
8120.2 Safe Use of Hazardous Chemicals
8121.0 First Aid
8122.0 Accident Reports
8122.0E1 Supplementary Accident Form
8123.0 Hygiene Precautions and Procedures
8123.0R1 Hygiene Precautions and Procedures Regulations
8130.0 Emergency Plans and School Safety Plans
8130.0R1 Emergency and Safety Plans Regulation
8132.0 Fire Drills
8133.0 Bomb Threats
8133.0E1 Bomb Threats Exhibit
8133.0R1 Bomb Threats Regulation
8134.0 Emergency Closings
8200.0 Building and Grounds Management
8210.0 Building and Grounds Security
8210.0E1 Daily Safety Inspection for Head Custodian
8210.0E2 Monthly Safety Inspection for Building Principal
8210.0R1 Building and Grounds Security Regulation
8211.0 Access to Buildings
8240.0 Traffic and Parking on School Property
8330.0 Authorized Use of School-Owned Property
8410.0 Student Transportation
8411.0 School Bus Scheduling and Routing
8411.0R1 School Bus Scheduling and Routing Regulation
8412.0 Pickup Points
8413.0 Centralized Pick-up Points for Certain Nonpublic School Students
8414.0 School Bus Safety
8414.0R1 School Bus Safety Regulation
8414.1 Bus Driver Qualifications and Training
8414.2 School Bus Maintenance

8414.2E1 School Bus Maintenance Exhibit
8414.4 Drug and Alcohol Testing for Covered Employees (Bus Drivers)
8414.4E1 Receipt
8414.4R1 Regulation on Drug and Alcohol Testing for Covered Employees
8416.0 Special Use of School Buses
8417.1 Student Transportation in Charter Vehicles
8417.2 Student Transportation in Private Vehicles
8418 Student Transportation Insurance
8419.0 Student Transportation Records and Reports
8430.0 Purchase and Replacement of Student Transportations Vehicles
8500.0 Food Service Management
8500.0 Nutrition Service Program Management
8520.0 Free and Reduced Price Food Services
8611.0 Printing and Duplicating
8611.0R1 Printing and Duplicating Regulation
8650.0 School District Compliance With Copyright Law
8650.0R1 School District Compliance With Copyright Law Regulations
8700.0 Insurance




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