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Policy Series 6000 - Fiscal Management

6000.0 Fiscal Management Goals

6110.0 Budget Planning
6111.0 Budget Deadlines and Schedules
6112.0 Determination of Budget Priorities

6113.0 Dissemination of Budget Recommendations
6120.0 Budget Hearing
6121.0 Property Tax Report Card
6122.0 Six Day School Budget Notice
6122.0E1 School Budget Notice
6122.0R1 Six Day Budget Notice Regulation
6130.0 Budget Adoption
6135.0 Contingency Budget
6140.0 Budget Implementation
6150.0 Budget Transfers
6200.0 Revenue
6210.0 Local Tax Levy
6215.0 Senior Citizens' Exemption
6216.0 Senior Citizen Golden Card
6230.0 Federal Funds
6231.0 Title 1-PSEN Programs and Services
6231.1 Use of Federal Funds for Political Expenditures
6240.0 Investments
6240.0R1 Investments Regulation
6252.0 Gate Receipts and Admissions
6252.0E1 Gate Receipts and Admissions Exhibit
6252.0R1 Gate Receipts and Admissions Regulation
6400.0 Depositories of Funds
6410.0 Authorized Signatures
6420.0 Returned Check Item
6500.0 Bonded Employees and Officers
6600.0 Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
6610.0 Online Banking
6630.0 Financial Reports and Statements
6640.0 Audit Committee
6650.0 Internal Claims Auditor
6651.0 Internal Auditor
6660.0 External Auditor
6670.0 Petty Cash-Petty Cash Accounts
6670.0R1 Petty Cash Accounts Regulation
6700.0 Purchasing
6700.0E1 Explanations of ''Other'' Methods of Competition to Be Used For Non-Bid Procurements
6700.0R1 Purchasing Regulation
6710.0 Purchasing Authority
6720.0 Competitive Bidding Requirements
6720.0R1 Competitive Bidding Requirements
6730.0 Cooperative Purchasing
6731.0 State Contracts
6740.0 Purchasing Procedures
6740.0R1 Purchasing Procedures Regulation
6745.0 Accounting of Fixed Assets
6750.0 Use of Commercial Credit Cards
6750.0R1 Use of Commercial Cards Regulation
6750.1 Use of Fleet Fuel Cards and Fuel Credit Cards
6750.1E1 Receipt for Use of Fleet Fuel Card or Fuel Credit Card
6750.1R1 Use of Fleet Fuel Cards and Fuel Credit Cards
6751 0R1 Use of District-Owned Cellular Telephones Reg
6751.0 Use of District-Owned Cellular Telephones
6751.0E Use of District-Owned Cellular Telephones Exhibit
6751.0E1 Receipt for Use of District-Owned Cellular Telephones
6760.0 Payment Procedures
6800.0 Payroll Procedures
6830.0R Expense Reimbursement Reg 
6830.0 Expense Reimbursement
6900.0 Disposal of District Property
6900.0R1 Disposal of District Property Regulation




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Fulton, New York 13069
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