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Policy Series 5000 - Students

5000.0 Goals for Student Policies
5020.0 Equal Educational Opportunities
5100.0 Student Attendance
5100.0R1 Student Attendance Regulation
5110.0 Elementary Schools Attendance Zones
5110.0R1 Attendance Zones Regulation
5120.0 School Census
5130.0 Compulsatory Attendance Ages
5140.0 Entrance Age
5150.0 School Admissions
5150.0R1 School Admissions Verfication of Residency Reg
5151.0 Education of Homeless Children and Youth
5152.0 Admission of Non-Resident Students
5152.0R1 Admissions of Non-Resident Regulation
5153.0 Non-Resident Student Tuition Rates
5153.0E1 Non-Resident Student Tuition Rates
5153.0R1 Non-Resident Student Tuition Rates
5154.0 Assignment of Students to Classes
5155.0 Student Withdrawal From School
5156.0 Transfer Students Academic Policy
5157.0 Transfer Students Athletic Eligibility Policy
5158.0 Safe Public School Choice Option to Students Who are Victims of a Violent Crime Offense
5160.0 Student Absences and Excuses
5161.0 Truancy and Tardiness
5162.0 Student Dismissal Precautions
5162.0R1 Student Dismissal Precautions Regulation
5170.0 Student Attendance Accounting
5170.0R1 Student Attendance Accounting Regulation
5182.0 Released Time for Religious Instruction
5190.0 Exclusions and Exemptions From Attendance
5191.0 Students With HIV-Related Illness
5191.0R1 Students With HIV-Related Illness Regulation
5200.0 Cocurricular and Extracurricular Programs
5210.0 Student Organizations
5220.0 Student Publications
5220.0R1 Student Publications
5252.0 Student Activities Funds Management
5252.0R1 Student Activities Fund Management
5280.0 Interscholastic Athletics
5280.1 Combining Teams With Other School Districts
5280.2 Accepting Students for Independent Activities
5280.3 Athletic Placement Process
5300.0 Student Conduct
5305.0 Eligibility for Extra-Curricular Activites
5305.0E1 Extra-Curricular Activities
5305.0R1 Eligibility for Extra Curricular Activities Regulation
5306.0 Concussion Management
5310.0 Student Discipline
5311.0 Student Rights and Responsibilities
5311.3 Student Complaints and Grievances
5311.3R1 Student Complaints and Grievances Regulation
5311.4 Care of School Property by Students
5311.5 Student Dress Code
5312.0 Prohibited Conduct
5312.1 Drug and Alcohol Abuse
5312.1R1 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Regulation
5312.2 Dangerous Weapons in School
5313.0 Penalties
5313.0R1 Penalties Regulation
5313.1 Detention
5313.2 In-School Suspension
5313.2R1 In-School Suspension Regulation
5313.3 Student Suspension
5313.3R1 Student Suspension Regulation
5314.0 Corporal Punishment Complaints
5314.0E1 Corporol Punishment Complaint Exhibit
5315.0 Time Out Rooms
5320.0 E.1 Transportation Referral Form
5320.0 Student Conduct on School Buses
5320.0R Student Conduct on School Buses Regulation
5320.1 Video Cameras on School Buses
5320.1R1 Video Cameras on School Buses Regulation
5330.0 Student Searches and Interrogations
5330.0R1 Student Searches and Interrogations Regulation
5400.0 Student Welfare
5410.0 Dignity for all Students Act
5419.0 Life Threatening Allergies
5420.0 Student Health Services
5420.1 Guidelines for Administration of Medication in Schools
5421.0 Do Not Resuscitate Policy
5421.0R1 Administrative Procedure for Honoring Do Not Resuscitate Order
5430.0 Student Psychological Services
5431.0 Suicide Prevention
5431.0E1 Suicide Prevention Exhibit
5431.0R1 Suicide Prevention Regulation
5450.0 Student Safety
5451.0 Notification About Sex Offenders
5454.0 Student Parking and Automobile Use
5454.0R1 Student Parking Permit Applications and Regulations
5460.0 Suspected Child Abuse and Maltreatment
5460.0R1 Suspected Child Abuse and Maltreatment Regulation
5461.0 Student Sexual Harassment
5461.0E1 Sexual Harassment Complaint
5461.0E2 Sexual Harassment Complaint Appeal
5461.0R1 Student Harassment Complaint Regulation - Student
5500.0 Student Records
5500.0E1 Student Records Exhibit
5500.0E2 Notification of Release of Student Records Pursuant to Court Order or Subpoena
5500.0E3 Application to Review Student Records by Parties Entitled Thereto Without Consent of Parent or Student
5500.0E4 Application to Review Student's Records and Consent Thereto by Parent or Student
5500.0R1 Student Records Regulation
5501.0 Student Directory Information
5501.0E1 Sample Notice to Parents
5501.0E2 Sample Opt-Out Form
5620.0 Pregnant Students
5650.0 Student Volunteers for School and Public Service
5680.0 Student Fees, Fines and Charges
5695.0 Students and Personal Electronic Devices
5800.0 Student Awards and Scholarships
5800.0R1 Student Awards and Scholarships-Regulation




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