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Policy Series 4000 - Instruction

4000.0 Instructional Goals

4010.0 Equivalence in Instructional Staff and Materials

4100.0 Organization of Instruction

4110.0 School Calendar

4111.0 School Year Schedules

4111.0 School Year

4200.0 Curriculum Development

4200.0E1 Concern for Curriculum Council Considerations

4200.0E2 Curriculum Discussion Record

4200.0E3 Curriculum Concern Dispostion

4200.0E4 Curriculum Development Proposal

4200.0E5 Curriculum Project Review Criteria

4200.0E6 Cyclical Curriculum Review Criteria

4200.0E7 Curriculum Management Plan

4200.0R1 Curriculum Development Regulation

4210.0 Wellness Policy

4210.0R Wellness Regulation

4211.0 Home Prepared Food Items

4220.0 Pilot Projects

4240.0 Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines

4240.0R1 Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines Regulation

4300.0 Curriculum

4310.0 Instructional Program

4311.0 Citizenship Education

4311.1 Display of the Flag

4311.1R1 Display of American Flag Regulation

4313.0 Teaching About Religion

4314.0 Career and Technical Education (Students)

4314.0R1 Occupational Education for BOCES Participations Regulation

4314.1 Work Experience Opportunities

4315.0 Health Education

4315.1 AIDS Instruction

4316.0 Physical Education

4317.0 Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco

4319.0 Science and Math Instruction

4321.0 Programs for Students with Disabilities

4321.0R Continuum of Servcies for Students with Disabilities

4321.1 Allocation of Space for Students with Disabilities Programs and Services

4321.2 Pre-School Children with Disabilities

4321.2R1 Pre-School Children with Disabilities

4321.3 Independent Educational Evaluations

4321.3R1 Independent Educational Evaluations Regulations

4321.4 Student Individualized Education Program (IEP) Development and Provision
4321.4R Student Individualized Education Program (IEP) Development and Provision Regulation
4321.5 Instructional Materials Available in Usable Format for Students With Disabilities
4321.5R1 Instructional Materials Available in Usable Format for Students With Disabilities Regulation
4321.6 Students With a Disability Pursuant to Section 504
4321.6R1 Programs for Students With a Disability Under Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973
4322.0 Programs for the Gifted and Talented
4324.0 Response to Intervention
4325.0 Compensatory Education

4326.0 Limited English Proficiency Instruction
4326.0R1 Limited English Proficiency Instruction Regulation
4327.0 Homebound Instruction
4327.0E1 Homebound End of Year Report
4327.0R1 Homebound Instruction Regulation
4340.0 Continuing Education Programs
4350.0 Multicultural-Global Education
4410.0 Grouping for Instruction
4430.0 Student Schedules and Course Loads
4510.0 Instructional Materials
4510.1 Instructional Technology
4511.0 Textbook Selection and Adoption
4511.0R1 Textbook Selection and Adoption Regulation
4513.0 Library Materials Selection and Adoption
4526.0 Computer-Assisted Instruction
4526.1 Electronic Information Resources Acceptable Use Policy
4526.1R1 Elementary School Age Student Acceptable Use Regulation
4526.1R2 Electronic Information Resources Acceptable Use Policy - Secondary Student Regulation
4526.1R3 Electronic Information Resources Acceptable Use Policy - Faculty and Staff Regulation
4526.2 Internet Safety Policy
4526.2R1 Internet Safety Regulation
4526.3 Web Publishing
4526.3E1 Sponsor Authorization Request Form
4526.3E2 Copyright Permission Letter
4526.3E3 Staff Member Internet Release
4526.3R1 Web Publishing Regulation
4531.0 School District Sponsored Field Trips and Excursions
4531.0E1 Field Trips and Excursions Exhibit
4531.0R1 Field Trips and Excursions Regulation
4532.0 School Volunteers
4600.0 Guidance Programs
4710.0 Grading Systems
4710.0R Grading Systems
4712.0 Student Compensatory Education Progress Reports to Parents
4714.0 Parent Conferences
4720.0 Testing Program
4730.0 Homework
4740.0 Honor Rolls
4750.0 Promotion and Retention of Students
4750.0R1 Promotion and Retention of Students Regulation
4760.0 Makeup Opportunities
4761.0 Credit Recovery Program
4770.0 Graduation Requirements
4771.0 Early Graduation
4773.0 Credential Options for Students with Disablities
4810.0 Teaching About Controversial Issues
4821.0 School Ceremonies and Observances
4830.0 Assemblies





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